Gary Smith


As an Art Director and Creative Director I’m equally concerned with the strategy, the idea and the execution.

I have enjoyed working at many top ten agencies as an Art Director including WCRS, CDP, Publicis, Bates, McCanns, Ogilvy One and as a Creative Director at JWT and most recently Creative Director of Noisy Beast, London.

Although I have worked on a wide variety of accounts, and have won numerous awards along the way from D&AD to Cannes Lions, I have particular expertise in automotive, health and retail accounts.

If I’ve learned one thing above all else, it is the power of the idea.

No matter what the product, every concept has to have an idea big enough to become a fully integrated campaign, from TV commercial to website.

That’s why I’m still passionate about solving problems and creating 360' solutions for TV, Posters, Print, Digital, DM and Ambient media.

Chips Hardy
Creative Director at JWT
I've worked with Gary on many occasions and always successfully. He's strategically acute, highly original in creativity and has strong presentational skills too. A 'Grown Up Creative', Gary produces great campaigns, incisive and well thought through ideas, across media, and hardworking creative strategies. He's capable of both great team contributions and also of parallel development. He's a talented artist, by the way. And he's a really nice guy.

Dominick Lynch Robinson
Global Creative Director JWT
Gary worked in my team for many years. His contribution to JWT's creative output was huge. His work sold product, won awards and took pride of place in the agency's shop window. Gary is an excellent art director, team player, fine strategic thinker, hard-worker, a delight to work with, good presenter and highly regarded by his clients. I can't recommend him highly enough.